The Studio - DJ Funky Sax

At a Glance: The Studio

Mackie 32-8 mixer
Echo Audiofire 12 soundcards
Numark NS7 turntables w/ NSFX
Native Instruments Maschine
Sony Vegas, Sound Forge & Acid
A couple of keyboards
A couple guitars and bass guitar
AKG & Audio Technica mics
Currently Seeking: More time!


The Numark NS7 with Serato ITCH

Numark NS7
This all-in-one turntable rig provides a musical manipulation surface to mash together anything I can get my hands on. It's the heart of my DJ equipment.

The Maschine

This thing is the coolest production tool! It's a sketch pad for arranging beats, sounds, samples and grooves. I can arrange songs here and export them as sound files for further layering of sounds and recording, including adding live instruments and vocals for that human touch.

Native Instruments MaschineRoland MC-505

Before using Maschine, I carved my teeth on Roland's MC-505 Groovebox. It was an awesome piece of equipment back in the day, circa 1998. But the MC-505 could not sample sounds (it relied on it's Roland synth engine, which included all the famous drum kits, like the tr-808 and 909---think "cuz the 8-0-8 kick drum makes all the girlies get dumb.").

What I've been able to do with Maschine in a very short time boggles my mind. There is literally over a decade of technology advancements packed into Maschine. Combined with the NS7 rig, I've got a lot of music firepower at my fingertips! The creative mind's the limit, and at the moment, I've got no shortage of ideas!